Monday, September 5, 2011

Secret Sister Cards

I recently made a few cards for a Secret Sister.
I don't often make cards so this was a fun twist from my norm.
  They were fast and easy. 

This coffee cup was mimicking a Starbucks and fits a pouch of Via just perfectly. The card is made by linking 2 cups together to fold on the seem. The wanted a shiny plastic look for the lid of the cup so used glossy photo paper. The hot shield was made by sending brown paper through the crimper. Over all it turned out to be a great card to give my secret sis a little break in her day and pick up me.

"Be still and know I am God" is a verse from the Bible (Psalms 46:10)It helps me to relax when I get a little stressed out so I wanted to share the verse with my friend. This card was a fun way to do just that. I was planning on just adding glitter on the wings of the bumblebee but added it to the words for a little more sparkle.

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