Thursday, October 20, 2011

Happy Harvest Banner

I wanted to add some much needed fall decoration to our family room so I set out on creating this Happy Harvest Banner.

I started with the letters by using my Cricut and the Speaking of Fall cartridge. All the paper was from my scrap bin which made it harder to find enough and get it all to coordinate. (In hindsight, I wish I'd used the Imagine and printed the paper and cut it. That's why I got it in the first place.)

After I settled on my letters I needed a base for them.  The 2 Hs were much larger then the other letters so I decided they needed their own base, a pumpkin.  The pumpkins were cut from the Speaking of Fall Cartridge the letter P.  I used Design Studio to make them 6" wide and 5 1/2" long.

The only brown paper I had was too plain and my kids were longing to help so I used white butcher paper and brown acrylic paint.  Using their fingers they swirled Espresso and Brown (Craft Smart brand) around to cover the white.  Before it dried I sprinkled Martha Stewart Antique Silver glitter on the paint. While the glitter is still in my daughter's hair it did give a nice sparkle to the banner.  The brown base pieces are cut from Lacy's Labels, "All Girl" at
4" wide and 5 1/2" long.

You might notice that the Indians and Pilgrims do not created the H letters in the cartridge.  I used these characters from other letters to make the H. 
The Pilgrims are holding turkey legs and the Indians are holding corn, both also from that cartridge but from other letters, cut much smaller and glued together to help form the Hs. 

When I was almost done, my son says "Mom you should switch the corn to the Pilgrims and the chicken to the Indians."  Why, I ask.
"Because the Indians make Butter Chicken."
My boy is too smart for his own good.  I'm glad he knows good food, even if he doesn't yet know the difference between Native Americans and people from India (who are known as Indians too).

I hope you got a chuckle from that as I did.
Have a Happy Harvest Season everyone!!!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Secret Sister Cards

I recently made a few cards for a Secret Sister.
I don't often make cards so this was a fun twist from my norm.
  They were fast and easy. 

This coffee cup was mimicking a Starbucks and fits a pouch of Via just perfectly. The card is made by linking 2 cups together to fold on the seem. The wanted a shiny plastic look for the lid of the cup so used glossy photo paper. The hot shield was made by sending brown paper through the crimper. Over all it turned out to be a great card to give my secret sis a little break in her day and pick up me.

"Be still and know I am God" is a verse from the Bible (Psalms 46:10)It helps me to relax when I get a little stressed out so I wanted to share the verse with my friend. This card was a fun way to do just that. I was planning on just adding glitter on the wings of the bumblebee but added it to the words for a little more sparkle.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Princess Castle

I thought I'd show you this super cute castle I cut using the Cricut
and the Once Upon a Princess cartridge. 

It can be a little confusing when you see all the cuts so I hope this will help.
I wanted mine in a 2 tone effect. There are 2 buttons to make the castle.
Both are white buttons on the last line in the bottom right corner.
I will call the one that is first when reading left to right Button 1 and
I will call the one that is in the bottom right corner Button 2.
(Button 1 is just left of Button 2. Got it?!)

Here in dark pink are the following cuts:
 To make the 4 front towers use Button 2 and Shift.
These are the 4 shapes that are all the same.
(3 in the front row and one the 2nd row right side.)
The really funny looking shape is an inside support piece.
 However, the color matters because the tabs poke through and are seen. 
It looks best in a contrasting color.
In the completed picture the tab is the shape that is centered above the door.
Button 1, Shift and Layer for this support piece.
The piece standing in the back is actually 2 pieces already attached.
These make the inner walls surrounding the tall towers. Button 1 and Shift.

Now on to the light pink:
The 2 tall towers are already folded in this picture, standing in the back.
Push Button 1 alone for these.
Next you'll need the front and back walls.
Press Button 2 alone.
Now for the side walls Button 1 and Layer.
Lastly the smaller support piece. It's the funny looking one 3rd row right.
Like the larger one, the tabs are seen from the outside so
it is important to note the right color.
Button 1 and Layer for the smaller support piece.

For the Roof and Door (not pictured) Button 2, Shift, and Layer

Once the pieces are cut the colors you want the Handbook for Once Upon a Princess is very helpful.

Start by folding all the towers. I find a metal ruler helpful to get a good crease.
Attach the towers at the sides to make the cylinder  shape.
Next fit the smaller support piece (light pink funny looking piece)
over the 2 tall towers.
Tabs will be inserted to help the piece stay at the correct height.
Next attach the 2 pieces that make the inner wall to each other on 1 side.
Crease where small dashes made by the Cricut will illustrate.
Start folding the inner wall around the smaller support piece,
which is attached to the tall towers.
I found it best to begin with the wall that is in front of the smaller of the 2 tall towers.
A tab from the smaller support piece is inserted into the wall
and folded down to make a crest.
Continue folding the inner wall piece around inserting
the tabs where directed until you are back you began.
Next fit the larger support piece over the top of what you have just completed.

If you want a different colored door glue it on the front wall.
I used the Cuttlebug and embossed a wood pattern on it first.
Next attach the smaller towers one on each side of the front wall.
Insert a side wall next and another tower.
Then the back wall, tower and other side are attached.
As you attach these to each other also attach them to the larger support piece.

Finish off by completing the roof of each tower.
I found it helpful to fold the creases first.

WALA! your castle is complete.
This is so cute as a little girl castle but if you change your colors to
grays and blues it can but a cool boy castle as well.
I hope this helped with some of the confusion in putting this together and cutting out the correct colors!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Baby Girl Layout

Babies are so cuddly and cute I needed a scrapbook page that would express the same feelings.
Going through the baby trinkets I'd saved, I found some beautiful wrapping paper from my baby shower of little baby outfits.  Instantly this layout came to mind. I carefully cut out several of the outfits and shoes.  Taking some ribbon and mini clothes pins I made the clothes line.

I used a Sixxix die for the baby buggy and a few vellum quotes to add a touch of elegance.  The candle was a fun addition too.  Don't be afraid to use bulky items too and add a bit of extra dimention.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Love Bug- Quilling Layout

I'm not normally one for bugs but these little guys were
so cute and easy I couldn't resist.
Just curl the paper stripes into circles and squish to get the shape you want.
Of course, I had to add the googly eyes for extra cuteness. 
What types of things would you like to see with quilling?
Next time I'll make a video. It really is easy!!!